About Us

     I first began pet sitting in March 2003. It started simply by asking the Veterinary receptionist if they needed help with the animals boarded there and she said , "No, but there is a big need for pet sitters."

     I wasn't familiar with pet sitting, so I read a book on the subject. I also met with an experienced pet sitter in town. I registered my business and gathered all the information I could and was off and running.

     Over $300,000 later, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and have enjoyed the pleasure of caring for fur friends and received a lot of joy in the process. Now in my 16th year, I have decided to limit my business to mostly cats. I love dogs and have surely walked hundreds of miles over the years, but I have decided to focus now primarily with cat care.

     I've published a book about my pet sitting adventures.

     My book is available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Ingram Books under the title "The Adventures of a Cape Cod Pet Sitter."  

Tom Our Rescued Tuxedo

Candy Our Rescued Sweet Beagle Mix From Alabama

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